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Pros & Cons of The Keratin Blow Dry

Pros & Cons of The Keratin Blow dry

If you have curly,frizzy unmanageable hair (not necessarily all at once) the keratin blow dry can help massively with that.

The keratin blow dry has become one of the most popular in-salon treatments of the moment, chemical straightening/relaxing services have been around for quite some time. But chemical straightening services do much more harm then good, often after having a chemical straightener the damage to the hair can be huge! Brittle, dry and usually fuzzy is the outcome.

That is why the keratin blow dry is such a revelation, most keratin treatment results are the polar opposite to the chemical straightener. Working on the fact that most keratin blow drys coat the hair with a special coating which, over a period of time the coating wears off. Leaving the hair in its natural state when the keratin treatment has worn off.

The Results when done are usually softened, glossy manageable hair. Often at least 50% quicker to dry and 50% easier to dry, and once dry and styled the hair tends to keep looking fabulous with damp air moisture having little affect to it. Of course- if your hair gets wet you'll have to re dry it.

All these elements combined give a wonderful results, most people find their hair getting much better in condition. People who have the treatment spend less time using damaging heat tools, and don't tend to re do the hair over and over again- and so naturally their hair gets better in condition. 

In some cases the keratin treatment can at first, while at it's freshest, can initially make some peoples hair a little flat to start with. Some people find their hair is more greasy then usual - those that have greasier hair is caused by the oils not being able to penetrate the coating resulting in the oils sitting on top of the hair. Before this would have soaked into the hair.

There are many keratin treatments on the market to choose from, the first treatments on the market had dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde and lots of rules to follow:

  • No washing

  • no wetting

  • no clips or bobbles for the first 3 days!

  • Then afterwards- sulphate free shampoo and conditioner

Today however the keratin blow dry has changed, its affordable to most people with many salons taking on multiple types to be able to meet client needs. Ranging between £50 and £500 on average. 

100% formaldehyde and aldehyde free, so having a keratin treatment is without the extra worry. e.g there's no three days of NOT washing, wetting or tie up rules - no specific shampoo and conditioners. When its done its done! 

These treatments are being constantly updated for the better and we have more choice now more than ever. 

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